Just a bit of fun - if your name comes up please do not take offense as it`s not intentional.



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Some of the questions follow on from each other

There will be a Prize for the band member/ex-member with the highest score out of 40

This is your test of Poulton Band Citizenship



1) Which ex-player was asked by one of our conductors to play with a duster over their

bell ? (first name only please)

2) What was the name of the conductor in question ?

3) Who allegedly booked two coaches in for a competition ?

4) What was the name of the coach company who was subsequently sent away ?

5) Which band player very clearly & obviously `missed the repeats` at a Whit Friday 

Band competition in the late 1990`s ?

6) One of this conductors favourite sayings was: "It`s like a stick on park railings"

7) Which conductor chased and caught youths who were throwing coins into

the bells of the bass players ?

8) Which major `World Event` (disaster) was going on at the time the above conductor was

taking the band ? (Clue - Russian)

9) Which ex-conductor went on to conduct the famous Black Dyke band ?

10) Who adjudicated the mid 80`s Entertainment Competition that Poulton entered ?

11) What band was this adjudicator taking at the time ?

12) Who designed the Poulton Band Crest ? 

13) Who was the band's shortest (in height) conductor since 1985 ?

14) And the band's tallest conductor since 1985 ?

15) What year was the band's website launched ?

16) During the early 1980`s there was a brother & sister in the band who both played

cornet. What was the christian name of the brother ? (short form of his name eg. Bob short for Robert)

17) And the christian name of his sister ? (short form of her name)

18) What did the bandroom used to be ?

19) Approximately (within 2 years) which year did the band move into its current Headquarters ?

20) What stupid mistake did the band's ex-Treasurer (Andy Moore) make prior to a St.Chads Church

Hall concert in the mid 1990`s ? (CLUE: it involved a light socket)

21) What year was the band formed in ? (CLUE: Over 100 years ago and Ilona may have been around at the time !)

22) Which Poulton player accidentally punched a Marton Mere Caravan Band (Blackpool Brass) 

player at an inter-band football match ? (Poulton v Marton Mere Band)

23) Who won the match ?

24) What was the christian name of the Referee ? (CLUE: 3 letters in the name)

25) Which band player scooped up a pile of horse excrement in open-top sandals at a KIrkham Gala ?

26) Which Musical Director in recent years regularly fell asleep in the pub after the Area Qualifier competitions ?

27) What is the first name of the young player that the band `lost` at a competition prior to leaving on the coach ?

(CLUE: Female)

28) Where was the old Poulton Band Headquarters ? (the Headquarters prior to the current one)

29) Which players forgot to bring his Bass Drum stick for a Whit Friday March ?

30) What did that person do to recover the situation ?

31) What year in the 1970`s did the band qualify for the Nationals ?

32) What was the christian name of the Soprano player on the day ?

33) What was the name of the Musical Director at the time ?

34) What has been the main structural problem with the current band Headquarters over the years ?

35) Which Lottery Winner and ex-player was allegedly `abandoned`in Blackpool after a night out ?

36) Which town did they allegedly walk back to AND who abandoned him ?

37) What instrument did Glenn MacPhee play prior to Euphonium ?

38) What is the well known nickname of the ex-Poulton Bass player who moved to Black Dyke Mills Band ?

(CLUE: A long while ago and his nickname begins with `D`)

39) What year did the band collaborate with `The Alan Bell Folk Band` to record `The Band in the Park` ?

40) How old was Neil Jones when he first joined the Poulton-le-Fylde Band ?